Greg and Julieann

Greg and Julieann are now serving the Lord in Southeast Asian countries teaching, training, and mentoring

Ken and Marilyn Gregerson

Wycliffe Bible Translators


Ken and Marilyn joined Wycliffe Bible Translators in the 1960’s.  They served in Vietnam, Indonesia, Hanoi, Thailand, and Cambodia.  They work on literary, linguistic, and translation projects from their home in Albuquerque, NM, with occasional trips to those areas.  They have been serving over fifty years with Wycliffe Bible Translators. 

Serina Arias

South America Mission


Serina serves the Lord in Bolivia with South America Mission.  She works in children’s ministries across Santa Cruz so that children can come to know Christ at a young age and live their whole lives for Him. Her greatest joy has been seeing children learn what it means to follow Jesus and watch them share the Gospel with those around them.




Tim and Marcia Monahan



In 1983, Tim and Marcia were appointed by CBI, now known as WorldVenture.  For many years they planted churches and trained leaders in Italy.   Tim and Marcia served with WorldVenture in the Naples region of Italy for over 30 years.  In recent years WorldVenture has asked them to relocate to the NYC area and become involved in a leadership development ministry to train individuals before they go overseas to be missionaries.


Joanne Moyer 

Grace Ministries International

Joanne was born in the Congo mission hospital “Oicha” in Iturifuest, Africa.  She and her late husband Carl raised their family at Tatanda, Tanzania.  They served over fifty years with Grace Ministries International.  Joanne delivered more than 1,000 babies as a mid-wife.   Now Joanne is living and ministering in Iringa, Tanzania.  Both her sons live and minister to people in the bush there.

Mark and Debbie Taylor

Mount Trabor Bible Camp

BCM International


Mark and Debbie Taylor are BCM Missionaries assigned to Mount Traber Bible Camp since 2006. Mount Traber is a non-denominational Bible camp that seeks to show young people that God loves them while they have fun in the beautiful outdoors that God has created for them. They seek to provide an environment that will introduce, enrich, and enhance each camper’s relationship with God.  They are dedicated to developing Christian character and leadership skills in youth. 


Robert & Joanna Walter

Chosen People Ministries


Robert and Joanna Walter are missionaries to the Jewish people serving with Chosen People Ministries in Brooklyn, NY. While neither one of them is Jewish, God laid a heavy burden on their hearts to share Jesus with His chosen people.  They began their ministry in 2007. 

Dan and Sue Wicher

Camino Global


Dan and Sue have served with Camino Global since 1984, first in Mexico City as church planters and later as Mexico Field Director. In 2000, Dan served 11 years as the mission's 8th president. Dan and Sue are currently overseeing the “Philemon House” near Madrid, Spain, where Latin American missionaries, living and serving in Gospel-resistant cultures, are offered training, on-line resources, family retreat facilities, pastoral care, and logistical support in order to enhance the effectiveness and longevity of their service in the field.