Our Story

 Throughout the early history of America, men and women who searched the Scriptures came to the conviction that they ought to be followers of the Word of God rather than the traditions of men. One such individual was Roger Williams, who in 1639 founded a Baptist Church so that individuals would have true liberty in their relationship with God, bound only by his Word. In that same tradition was William Marsh, who in 1750 led several families out of established churches in New England to form a new settlement of Christian believers near present day Augusta, in Sussex County, New Jersey.

In 1841 William S. Hibler purchased a lot at Main and Liberty Streets for the purpose of building a Baptist Church. On February 25, 1847, the building of the First Baptist Church of Newton was finally dedicated.

 After fire damaged the original building in 1910, a new building of white brick was raised in its place. The auditorium was designed to seat 350 persons. The main Sunday school room had a capacity of 150 and the primary room, a capacity of 75. The floor in the auditorium is inclined, made of hard wood. Pastor John R. Humphreys dedicated the new First Baptist Church of Newton on May 7, 1911. Many additions and renovations have been made in recent years.

Spanning 175 years of history, our church exists as a demonstration of the faithfulness of God. God’s Word declares that Jesus “will build His church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.” We thank God for His incessant and lavish care for us down through the years, some marked by pain, others abundant in blessing.

The constant for us has been the mandate to make known the gentle care of our loving God. We look forward to how He will move through us and in us in the years ahead.