First Baptist Church is part of Mission Mid-Atlantic, the Mid-Atlantic's regional association

of Venture Churches (formerly called Conservative Baptist Churches). 

This is a group of like-minded Baptist churches,

seeking to make disciples in this area of our country and beyond.



Every believer at salvation through faith in Jesus Christ enters into a covenant relationship with God, and is placed into covenant community with all true believers, known as the body of Christ. Local churches represent specific covenant communities, of which each believer is to be an active part. In turn, Mission Mid-Atlantic is a voluntary association of autonomous local churches representing the body of Christ in covenant community with one another.

The association of churches known as Mission Mid-Atlantic, as part of the body of Christ, acknowledges our God-ordained covenantal relationships as a fellowship of Conservative Baptist churches. Holding in common our doctrine, polity, and philosophy of ministry, we agree to a relationship expressed in dependence upon, responsibility for, and accountability to each other by God’s grace. Mission Mid-Atlantic also seeks covenant community with other regional CB communities throughout North America and around the world through CB Global. As an association of Conservative Baptist Churches in the Mid-Atlantic region and in the presence of our Lord, we covenant to partner with our fellow Mission Mid-Atlantic churches in order to…

  • Treat each other with love and grace as we seek to honor the many biblical “one-anothers” of Christian fellowship.
  • Minister to each other by sharing our strengths and resources so that church leaders can be strengthened for kingdom purposes.

  • Encourage churches to pursue maturity with the goal of fulfilling the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.

  • Partner together as an ethnically diverse association of churches committed to honoring and respecting one another.

  • Work together to establish new churches.

  • Embrace partnership and cooperation in ministry with an attitude that facilitates regional unity, shared vision, networking, and celebration.
  • Identify, train, and empower current and future church leaders.

  • Develop relationships with other evangelical ministries to assist our churches in fulfilling their God-given vision and mission.

  • Support the ministry of Mission Mid-Atlantic with our prayers, finances, talents, and time.

  • Uphold the Mission Mid-Atlantic Statement of Faith (herein referred to as “Doctrine”) to which we subscribe.

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