Livestreaming on Facebook, YouTube channel, Phone-In Service, Bulletins, and Social Media


Livestreaming on Facebook

If you are unable to attend but want to join in and watch the service,

go to our Facebook page -

First Baptist Church, Newton, NJ where you will find the service livestreamed each Sunday morning beginning at 11:00 a.m.

YouTube Channel

Check out our YouTube channel -

First Baptist Church, Newton, NJ

for all our Sunday morning sermons and Adult Sunday School classes.




Phone-In Service

If you can't make it to the church but still want to hear the service by phone, not a problem. Click the link below and follow the directions to call in from any phone line.


Weekly Bulletins

Want to catch up with what's happening each week at First Baptist? Did you misplace your bulletin and forget the time of an

upcoming event?

Click below to see our

weekly bulletin to

get all the details.


Check out what's new at First Baptist Church, Newton


Click here to see what's new

Social Media

Want to share your thoughts and join in fellowship with others?

Log into our Facebook page and connect with your brothers and sisters in Christ.

Pastor Scott's Blog

Want to read Pastor Scott's take on various biblical and world events,

visit his blog.